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Friday September 12, 2003 marked a very special day for Gizzmo Racing.  The Alfa 2.0 version of the “Oval Spec” named the KITTY CAT car made its maiden run.

 The car, conceived as an entry-level oval car, ran on the St-Roch road coarse as an initial evaluation.  At 7:15 eastern standard time, Gizzmo president Alain Carpentier took the car out on a couple of exploratory laps and was instantly, and quite pleasantly, surprised by the smooth ride and docile handling of the car.  Team engineer, Phil Matthews and designer Patrick Philie then put the car through its paces, again with similar results.


The computerized lay out of the car that as been used since the beginning of is conception

Initial Feedback: Smooth ride.,  Quick but very forgiving handling

As this was the final race of the St-Roch summer calendar, and with the gracious approval of the competitors, the car was raced against similarly powered road-coarse cars to further the evaluation.  After twenty minutes of racing (3 qualifiers and a win in the A-main), the only bug was a popped servo saver due to a tangle (the servo and servo saver are a couple of the parts not made by Gizzmo!).  A slightly longer screw fixed that problem, and the rest of the evening was trouble free.


Between heats, approximately 25 different people drove the car.  The skill range went from elite racer down to newbies and several non-racers.  The comments, however, were all the same: “Wow is this easy to drive!”

Alain saw this from a different perspective, the people would drive the car for two laps to get familiar with it, then blast down the straight away into a tight left hander.  None had any difficulty with the car after next to no time driving it!  This was true for the WHOLE range of drivers, even the newbies.

The car that as been used Friday September 12, 2003

The entire Gizzmo team will now go back to the design to address the minor issues encountered in the build up to the first run and will be back quickly with the Beta version of the Gizzmo Oval Spec Car.

Stay tuned…

Phillip Matthews, Gizzmo Team  engineer and Pat Philie, Gizzmo Team designer,  are getting the car ready for is initial ride!

Alain Carpentier (archive picture)

Alpha 1.0 version of the car as it  been presented to the GRCSR board of directors



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